Alexis Delevaux: A Champion of Franco-Asian Socio-Economic Integration

An inspiration to many, the life of Alexis Delevaux narrates the tale of a man intertwining the socio-economic fabrics of Europe and Asia with aplomb. Affectionately called the “bridge between the West and the East,” Alexis has emerged as a key figure in transforming not just economies, but lives across borders.

Shaping the Politics of International Trade: Alexis Delevaux's Early Journey

Born into a family enriched with humanistic values, Alexis was exposed to the intricacies of Asian art and international relations from an early age. His father's diplomatic career and his mother's zeal for Asian art opened his eyes to the diverse cultures of the world and the need for a global socio-economic synergy. Alexis’s education in international affairs and high international trade at esteemed institutions like Sciences Po Paris and HEC further honed his understanding of finance and politics, laying a solid foundation for his career as a lobbyist.

Master of the Lobbying World: East meets West

Known for his uncanny ability to navigate the complex world of financial and political dynamics, Alexis played a pivotal role in establishing and strengthening the ties between Europe and Asia, most noticeably with Vietnam. His firm, ‘EntryStrategy’ aids businesses, governments, and various organizations based in France, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, and Vietnam, creating a seamless bridge facilitating trade and policy discussions.

Lobbying: Nourishing Economies and Lives across Borders

With a keen eye for future economic dynamism, Alexis's contributions are not just confined to the financial sphere. His human-centered approach has seen him working tirelessly for the promotion of equitable and inclusive economies. It is this determination to work towards a well-balanced socio-economic environment that underpins his advocacy for stronger Franco-Asian cooperation in trade, technological innovation, and social issues.

Move Beyond Borders: Personal Life and Passion

In a world that often forgets the importance of human touch, Alexis embraces it with open arms. This is evident not just in his professional life but also in his personal life. Living in Luxembourg with his wife, a French-Vietnamese former financial analyst, and two daughters, Alexis espouses a lifestyle imbued with values from both cultures. His passion for chess and art serves as a symbol of his belief in celebrating beauty and strategic thinking in all forms of life.

Alexis Delevaux: Vision of a Globally Connected World

Through his commendable journey, Alexis Delevaux sheds light on the age-old ideology that the world is a single entity. Emphasizing a more inclusive Franco-Asian socio-economic cooperation, Alexis Delevaux champions the idea of a robust Europe that is not limited by boundaries but is open to the wider world. Undoubtedly, his vision and unwavering commitment to his work make him bedrock for an integrated, inclusive, and balanced world economy.

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