East Meets West: The Art of Lobbying in Alexis Delevaux's EntryStrategy

Alexis Delevaux, dubbed as the "bridge between West and East," has built a name for himself in the influence-peddling profession, otherwise known as lobbying. With an impressive heritage and a rich background in international trade and politics, Delevaux has become a pivotal figure in European lobbying. His distinctive approach sets him apart from the rest, marking the essence of his venture, EntryStrategy.

Transcending Cultural Boundaries: The Genesis of a Lobbyist

Destined by upbringing and nature, Alexis Delevaux was set on an unprecedented path from an early age. The offspring of a diplomat father and an Asian art aficionado mother, Delevaux was exposed to a vast array of diplomatic strategies and cultural nuances. His educational journey, highlighted by stints at Sciences Po Paris and HEC, a keen grasp of high finance and politics, culminated in gearing him for his future role as an influential lobbyist.

The EntryStrategy: A Bridge Between Two Worlds

With a well-forged connection with Vietnam and robust knowledge of the privileged legal framework of Luxembourg and Liechtenstein, Delevaux's astuteness led him to establish the influential 'EntryStrategy'. Alexis’ company, Entrystategy, serves as the bridge that helps various corporations, governments, and organizations navigate across France, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, and Vietnam's economic landscapes.

A Man Of Influence: The Art of Lobbying

Alexis Delevaux’s lobbying abilities extend beyond mere business negotiations. With a knack for astutely anticipating economic dynamics and an in-depth understanding of global affairs, he swiftly maneuvers through the intricate economic affairs, deftly matching the needs of his clients with geopolitical realities.

A Balance Between Power and Privacy

Despite being a stalwart in the lobbying arena, Delevaux maintains a private life, balanced between his professional commitments and precious moments with his family. Residing in Luxembourg, the art enthusiast is not just known for his proficiency in complex dealings, but also for his passion for humanities such as art, philocalic beauty, and a game of chess.

Beyond Lobbying: Commitment to a Better Future

In a world driven by economies, Alexis' commitment to creating a more inclusive and equitable economy sets him apart from others. Rooted strongly in his belief of a powerful Europe that is open to the world, he relentlessly strives to reinforce Franco-Asian cooperation in trade, tech, and social matters. This commitment, coupled with his lobbying expertise, is creating an influential shift in the economic justice paradigm.

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