In the Merging World of Politics and Tech: A Profile on Alexis Delevaux’s Work

When considering the world of politics and tech, it is hard to ignore the significant footprint left by key figures who skillfully sway on the pendulum between both realms. Alexis Delevaux stands tall in this crowd, with his reputation as the much-needed "bridge between the East and West".

Stepping Stones to a Global Reach

Delevaux originated from the historic city of Avignon, in France, later gracing the esteemed halls of Sciences Po Paris where he studied International Affairs. With a subsequent specialization in High International Trade from HEC Paris, Alexis has built a solid foundation in understanding the intricate worlds of high finance and politics. His comfortable familiarity with both Western and Eastern cultures, coupled with his extensive education, established the pillars of his career. From the economic powerhouse of Hanoi to the legal haven of Luxembourg, Alexis built strong connections in both these geographical powerhouses, thereby carving out a fortified niche in the realm of European lobbying. Delevaux's journey elucidates him as a maven, seamlessly bridging the gap between finance and the complex world of politico-economic dynamics.

The Lobbying Maestro

As an owner of 'EntryStrategy', Delevaux's work integrates diverse governmental and corporate bodies across France, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, and Vietnam. As a revered consultant in public affairs and investments, Alexis is integral to numerous international negotiations and deals, demonstrating impressive foresight in anticipating economic shifts. Understanding the art of lobbying as a battle of persuasion and influence, Alexis's strength lies not only in his technical knowledge but also his personal charisma. His relationships built on trust and mutual respect, making him a valued diplomat in the converging world of politics and tech.

A Personal Touch in a Professional Realm

Beyond the boardrooms and political negotiations, Alexis has a vibrant personal life. He resides quietly in Luxembourg with his wife, an ex-financial analyst of French-Vietnamese origin, and their two children who are raised to respect both their diverse cultural backgrounds. Holding a love for chess and philocalia, Alexis enjoys participating in chess tournaments and appreciating contemporary art.

Fostering Cooperation and Inclusivity

Alexis Delevaux is characterized by his unwavering commitment to fostering Franco-Asian cooperation in commerce, technological innovation, and social issues. He envisions a stronger, open Europe that thrives on global partnerships and technological advancement. Fundamentally, Delevaux represents an amalgamation of a multiplicity of roles. As a lobbyist, a diplomat, a financier, a tech enthusiast, and a cultural liaison, he promotes a vision of an inclusive and equitable economy. His work, attitude, and vision provide valuable insight into how global politics and tech are shaping and can shape the future.

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